Ensure That Family Doctors Are Trained in Basic Women’s Health Care

Right now, the Accreditation Council on Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) proposes to change the training requirements for family physicians.

The proposed changes could greatly weaken training in women’s health. Family physicians would no longer be required to learn about birth control. Training in providing options counseling for unintended pregnancy has been deleted. Training in IUD and contraceptive implants insertion (the two most effective contraceptive options available) will not be required. Learning how to do a uterine aspiration, which can be used for miscarriage or abortion care, isn’t required.

These are basic skills all primary care clinicians should be able to perform.  These are skills all primary care clinicians should be taught routinely.

If family planning education is no longer required, some training programs won't teach it, especially religiously affiliated programs. If women can’t get basic reproductive health care from their own health care provider, then where can they get it? Too many women already have to travel long distances, cross picket lines and jump through too many hoops to get basic women's health care as it is.

We have until April 25, 2013 to let the ACGME know what we think.

Take a minute to stand with us and RH Reality Check to let the ACGME know that these weaker standards are NOT ok.

Interested in the specifics? You can see an outline of their specific changes here and the read the entire proposed program requirements here.

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